Breakfast @ Le Pain Quotidien, 29 March

Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien this Saturday March 29, 2014 was a lot of fun! The food was delicious, fresh, and organic. The restaurant was also not particularly packed as usual, and as a result the social was more intimate. The large windows provided plenty of natural light, which was terrific as it was a beautiful day. Très bonne ambiance!


It was a great way to start the day. The social attendees were mostly comprised of new members and their friends, who were excited to learn more about the various events being held during the upcoming sustainability week. Events like the yoga class were of particular interest to the group, since many international students were having difficulty finding a gym or exercise classes in Paris. C’est trop cher! Also, most gyms do not offer membership contracts for less than a year.

The penultimate social of the semester, it provided an exciting and healthy break to the many midterms and final papers finding themselves clustered this time of year. Since Le Pain Quotidien was only a 4 minute walk from 27 Rue Guillaume, half the attendees went to the library to resume their studies. Hopefully that brainpower boosting parfait with organic blueberries and pomegranates will help with us stay focused as spring rolls around the corner!


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